How to port it to mobile

In this tutorial we will port the template to work on a mobile device. The process is basically identical to all my previous templates.

1. Go to Project Settings and under input set the settings to be like this:
NOTE: You can use the default joystick sticks or download that custom one that I made (difference is the custom one is stuck in place and can’t be accidentally moved around)


2. Open the character base class and disconnect the mouse rotation from the Event Tick, because it will run on a mobile device, there is no mouse..


3. Still on the character, create Custom Events for any actions that you plan to use:


4. Open the PlayerHUD Widget and add buttons for said actions to it:


5. The HUD widgets blueprint logic to call those events should look like this:


That’s it!


This is all that you need to do in order to make it mobile ready, didn’t test the multiplayer connections, but Google seems to have a documentation page for how to set that part up.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Last time I checked, it wasn’t possible without making a custom UE4 build, as seen here.

EDIT: Apparently OnlineSubSystemNULL now supports Android too for LAN (connected to the same wifi network), more info.