How to import Substance Painter textures into UE 4/5

In this tutorial we will import textures that have been exported from Substance Painter and import it into Unreal Engine and create a material that looks exactly like it did in Substance.

This is not a tutorial about creating models in Blender or materials in Substance Painter, if there is demand I can make few tutorials for those topics too. But for now let’s just to get the material looking properly inside UE4 after all is already done.

1. You can use any model, in this tutorial I will use this speaker as an example.


2.  Once you create a new project in Substance Painter, set up all materials and layers and paint the model as you like, click on File > Export Textures..


3. In the Export dialogue scroll down until you find Unreal Engine 4 Packed, set the resolution that you want (4K used in this example) and click on Export.


4. After that import the fbx file and the exported textures into UE4, normal map should already be recognized as such, but the other one that contains metallic, roughness and AO was not, so we need to open it and un-check sRGB on it.



5. Once that is done, create a new material, color and normal map can just be connected as always, but the 3rd one should be set up like this because it’s split by channels.


That’s it!