NOTE: All of these Blueprints require FPS Game Starter Kit, as they are made using child classes from the template. They are made in order to expand the weapon library without integrating them into the main build. I want to keep the template simple and use only “normal” weapons, however upon request, I decided to add a few weird ones too and put them here instead.

Example of a Gravity Gun (left mouse button is to hold and release an item, right mouse button shoots it into the air)

Download Gravity Gun

Example of a projectile that seeks out nearby enemies.

Download Homing Projectile

Inspired by Borderlands 2, a sniper rifle that fires a single shot when hit firing, and burst fire when aiming down sight.

Download Burst Fire Sniper

Example of a Flame Thrower weapon.

Download Flame Thrower

Example of a weapon that uses Render Target as a material for the scope

Download Render Target Weapon

Example of a weapon that changes a color after each shot using Dynamic Material and Param on its main material. This can be used for Sci-Fi weapons effects like this one.

Download Color Changing Weapon

Example of a weapon that has an ammo counter text rendered on it.

Download Weapon With Ammo Counter

Example of a (very) simple grappling hook.

Download Grappling Hook

Example of a weapon that overheats when firing and cools down when not firing.

Download Overheating Weapon

Example of a weapon that has a light attached to it (press F to turn it on/off)

Download Weapon With Spotlight

Download Weapon With Spotlight (Multiplayer version)

Example of a weapon that has a holo-sight, credits for the material go to Tom Looman.

Download Weapon With Holographic Sight

Example of a weapon that has an attachment on it, both FPS and TPS perspectives are supported.

Download Weapon With Attachment
(Not needed for 1.5+, there is now native support for attachments)

Example of a weapon that has a secondary fire mode (instead of aiming).

Download Weapon With Alternative Fire

Download Weapon With Alternative Fire (updated)

Example of a weapon that doesn’t use animation montages for firing and reloading, but instead uses the legacy way from earlier versions.

Download Weapon with legacy animation way

Example sniper with 2 zoom settings.

Download Sniper With Multi Zoom

Free CC0 LowPoly Weapon Pack

Download LowPoly Weapon Pack

Example of a weapon that has a vertical grip (for left hand).

Download Weapon With Vertical Grip

Example of a weapon that has slower aiming speed.

Download Weapon With Slow ADS

Ever wanted a weapon that shoots other weapons?

Download BP_WeaponMaker

Exampel of dual-pistols (I don’t have animations for that, so I use the default pistol ones).

Download BP_Weapon Dual_Pistols

Recreated the default FPS stock projectile (yellow tennis ball, no damage is being applied whatsoever).

Download Stock Projectile

Old projectile base class from version 1.0 when there were no physics surface types, generally it’s useless now but it might help few people who want to migrate the kit somewhere else where the surface types aren’t present and the projectile base breaks.

Download BP_ProjectileBase_NO_SURFACE_TYPES

Inspired by Borderlands 3, Hyperion weapon that has a holo shield when aiming down sights.

Download BPC_Weapon_BL3_Hyperion

Axe melee weapon.

Download Axe

Example of how to make a crossbow weapon.

Download BP_Crossbow_WeaponExample

Example of a weapon that gets automatically picked up when you overlap with it.