How to mod the multiplayer mode into TPS

By default the multiplayer mode is only in First Person perspective, however during a conversation over on Discord, it has been modified to be in TPS instead of FPS, so I’m posting the procedure here.

Special thanks to: lavaeagle

1. On the replicated character base, add a new springarm and attach a new camera to it


NOTE: Don’t forget to enable Use Pawn Control Rotation on the springarm

2. Add an Event Tick node and this (admittedly not my best work) to it

NOTE: This can be avoided if you completely delete all FPS related things and only use TPS (play animation nodes, attach to socket, etc.), this is more like a dirty fix, but it does work.

3. Open the FOV function and make sure the FOV Modifier bool is set to true, and then at the very end, replace the old camera with the new one, this will give it fancy FOV change when aiming

3. On the replicated weapon base > calculate spread function, replace the camera with the new camera


4. In the replicated HUD widget in the crosshair brush function at the end you can connect both true and false, so that it doesn’t get hidden while aiming


That’s it!