How to replace the default map

In this tutorial we will completely replace the default Testing map with a new MyMap, this can be an imported level or a newly made one.

1. Go to File > New and create a level (pick any of the 3), if you have an existing map, you can skip this step, just copy your map and its assets over.


2. Now add a “Player Start” (if there isn’t one already) and set the game mode in World Settings to be BP_GameMode


3. Save the map


4. Now open W_SaveMainMenu and replace “Testing” with “MyMap” (or however your new map is called), this will add it to the Load button in the main menu.


5. Now go to Project Settings and under Maps & Modes set the new one as well, this will make it open the new map when you open UE4


6. That’s pretty much it… drag & drop stuff into the level…


-create a new or add an existing map
-add a player start and set the game mode to be BP_GameMode
-update the widget to tell it the name of the new map
-set the new map in project settings



If you use a Procedural Foliage volume and the player can’t fire or get up from crouch. Turns out to be a collision issue so if you turn off collision on the volume everything is fine. The next issue is if you also use Procedural Foliage Blocking volume it has the same problem but does not work with collision turned off. The work around is to keep all volumes handy so they can be all turned on to resimulate the foliage and then turned off before play.