How to integrate Sci-fi Arsenal Vol 1.0

Sci-Fi Arsenal Volume 1 is a fantastic looking weapon pack made by Chiaka Chima.

Integrating those weapons info FPS Game Starter Kit is relatively easy, plus I already did most of the heavy lifting and prepared pre-configured weapon child classes that you can just extract and start using the weapons right away and fine-tune as you see fit.

1. Create a new FPS Game Starter Kit project and add Sci-Fi Arsenal Vol.01 to it



2. Download end extract the pre-configured weapon child classes that I made, you can put them anywhere inside the Content folder. Use Windows Explorer (or whatever your default file browser is)


Download zip file for 4.22
Download zip file for 4.23 & 4.24

NOTE: if your version isn’t listed, follow the regular how to make new weapons tutorial, as literally any skeletal mesh can be used as a gun.


3. Add them into the level



That’s it!

scifiguns3Scene from: Modular Sci-Fi Environment C by Crebotoly


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