On this page I’ll answer some common questions.

Q: How do I make it Third Person only?
A: In 1.4 I added a checkbox to Begin Play on the character, just enable it and it will start in TPS by default.

Q: Will you add replication?
A: Core base classes that are network replicated are now included and can be found in

Q: I know it’s designed for PC’s but can I use this to make a mobile game too?
A: Yes. Check out my tutorial from here.

Q: Can I use this on GNU/Linux?
A: It’s made on Windows, but yes, it will work on Linux too (OSX as well).

Q: Where do I extract the free blueprints from this website?
A: Usually Content/FPS_Game/Blueprints/Bonus/
and they will be automatically integrated into the template.

Q: How do I add plug-ins?
A: Same like you would add them to any other project, to see an example, check out my tutorial from here.

Q: How to tell the AI to do other things?
A: I made a full list of frequent AI questions, you can check it out here.

Q: How do I make the character have a “full-body”?
A: Legs mesh has been added.

Q: Will there be more updates in the future?
A: I’m using this template for my own projects, new updates will continue to be released, see trello page for full change log.