Retro Game Documentation


BP_CharacterBase is a character class based blueprint that includes sprites and logic for the player, the entire blueprint is organized to make it easier to understand and expand.
Both Gamepad and Keyboard/Mouse input are already set up.



retroantibounceOn Begin Play on the Character some common settings can be tweaked without making any changes to the blueprint.



The weapon is stored on the character blueprint, because there is no need for a complex inventory and to make it easier to save & load variables such as current ammo. Additionally there are functions to refill ammo via pickups and logic that checks how much ammo is left for a specific weapon type.




The included enemies are basic examples for some of the most common enemies you find in similar games, those include a flying one (timeline based), a walking one (timeline based), insta-kill spike, the annoying jumping one and a simple boss fight example to show how to bind a health bar to an enemy.




When importing your own textures for sprites and tilesets, make sure to change its settings to look like this. This will format the textures to work better in 2D based games.



When creating a new project, I recommend that you change the viewport to be “Front” and “Unlit”, this will make it much easier to place new objects into the level.




-Added character climbing ability
-Added ladder blueprint
-Added lava blueprint with damage over time
-Added slowdown function (used for when in lava)
-Added analog stick support for controllers
-Added the new blueprints to the example maps

-Added wall jump (using special wall blueprint)
-Added barrel that shoots the player out (kinda like in Donkey Kong on SNES)
-Added spikes that go into the ground and back up (old ones that stay in place are still there)
-Added project image (tutorial how to change it)
-Added the new blueprints to the example maps

-Expanded anti-bounce with additional logic for controller input (optional)
-Generated a new build for UE 4.25 and above

-Added new experimental enemy base class that can create a larger variety of enemies (used it in one of my own games)
-Jumper enemy now resets its Y position to 0 after each jump
-Reworked the level select menu to use Level Streaming (to prevent 4.25.3 from crashing if “Never Stream” is enabled on textures and Load Level node is called)