How to import a MetaHuman

In this tutorial we will add a MetaHuman mesh and replace the default mannequin.

1. Create a Metahuman character (link)

2. Create a new TPS Game Starter Kit project (link) and import your custom Metahuman, Quixel Bridge is integrated into Unreal Engine 5, so you can simply login and from the My MetaHumans category download and import your character

3. Create a new IK Retargeter for it using the included UE4 skeleton and map all bone chains to match (set the metascrapel ones to None), or simply download the one that I made for this tutorial

4. Duplicate the BPC_Character_UE5 child class, delete the metahuman placeholder mesh, copy paste all parts from the example metahuman BP that comes with it when you download one, set Torso and Legs to use their RTG AnimBP (in that animbp, check the retarget pose from mesh node if it’s using the correct IK retarget asset)

5. As you probably saw in the example MetaHuman character, it has a new function and Construction Script logic, so you’ll need to add those too (it can be copied from the example Metahuman BP)

That’s it!

You can now set that character child class in game mode as the default pawn class