How to extract the bonus blueprints

On some rare occasions I get asked how to extract the free bonus blueprints, or get complains about errors that are in most cases caused by extracting it in the wrong path, so I figured posting this should help beginners regarding this.

The basic idea is to extract it to reflect the same path as it is in a zip file, usually leads to the Bonus folder.

Once it’s extracted, open the project.

Do not use auto extractors or some other shortcut, it usually creates an additional folder, completely breaking every single reference it can. Do it manually, video example:

That’s it!

Things to be aware of:

If something is made with let’s say UE4 version 4.25, and you are using 4.17 or something, it will not be able to see those files. Because UE4 editor does not recognize uassets from newer versions.

If you extracted it into the wrong path, delete the files and do it again, once the references are broken, UE4 saves them as such.

This tutorial is not meant as an insult to anyone who is already experienced with these things, this got asked in the past how to do it, so I figured having a page about it should help beginners.