Twin-Stick Shooter Game Starter Kit

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A custom made Twin Stick Shooter game starting template, using 100% Blueprints. The idea behind this pack is to provide a starting template that has many standard features already built-in. Everything is commented and split into categories.


-Multiplayer (Co-op)
-Basic weapon inventory (UT_Inventory)
-Weapon Switching
-Weapon Examples (Rifle, Shotgun, Launcher, Sniper)
-Health Pickup
-Ammo Pickups
-Gamepad support
-UMG Menus
Number of Blueprints: ~30
Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Linux
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Linux, OSX, Consoles

Update 1.1
-Added: Local multiplayer support
-Added: Gamepad support to all widgets
-Added: More comments
-Changed: Renamed particles

Update 1.2
-Added: Settings menu from FPS Game Starter Kit
-Added: Death animation for players
-Added: Enemy death dissolve effect
-Added: Kick local coop player

-Hotfix Removed effects quality from the Apply Settings function in GameInstance (it still gets applied in the settings menu itself where write config ini file logic is)

Update 1.3
-Added: Score system

Update 1.4
-Added the entire objective system from FPS Game Starter Kit to make a singleplayer campaign mode (incl. saving mission progress)
-Tweaked camera position to new values
-Tweaked the blendspace

Update 1.5
-Added save weapons inventory to the objective system save/load functions
-Added NPC that can be interacted with

Update 1.6
-Added character selection to multiplayer mode
-Generated a new build for UE4 version 4.25 and above

Update 1.7
-Added soldier enemy example (ported it over from FPS Game Starter Kit)
-Added alternative mouse rotation calculation
-Changed zombie to use different walking and attacking animations
-Fixed a save issue in singleplayer mode

Update 1.8
-Added NoWeapon animbp state
-Added slightly different rotation calculation to make the bullet fly to where the mouse cursor is located, as opposed to where the player is looking at (sniper used as accurate example).
-Wanted to add more things, but because of an abuse of the review system I decided to remove them because they weren’t done yet, and instead just force release those 2 small changes and add the rest at a later date.

Update 1.9
-Added: Pistol pose into the animbp and weapon base to switch locomotions based on an enum
-Added: Pistol example
-Changed: Melee damage increased
-Changed The checkbox on the sniper is now disabled so that it fires from the muzzle flash location like all other weapons that are there

Update 2.0
-Added: Melee weapon pose into the animbp
-Added: Melee weapon (axe)
-Added: Explosive barrel
-Added: Minimap for objective system (ported from FPS Game Starter Kit)
-Added: House example that can be entered (roof disappears)
-Added: House example that can be entered (roof disappears + it has a custom camera above it)
-Added: Example object that blocks the camera  and becomes transparent to see the character
-Added: Volume that moves the camera to look from above (alternative for objects that are blocking the view)
-Fixed: Steam client stays in limbo on 4.25
-Changed: IsShipping bool no longer required (it’s now configured for shipping by default, to test it in the editor open the map manually)

Update 2.1
-Added: Infinite ammo option for weapons
-Added: Grenades
-Added: Widget that shows the content of UT_Inventory (and can drop a weapon)
-Added: Weapon example that is pin point accurate
-Added: Software cursor (can be deleted in project settings)
-Changed: BP_ProjectileBase to look more like a tracer
-Changed: BP_PlayerController no longer uses Event Tick for UpdateHUD (it’s timer based now)

Update 2.2
-Added: Separate collision channel for interaction trace
-Changed: W_PlayerHUD now uses bindings
-Changed: Cleaned up a bit
-Changed: starting weapon function used legacy code
-Tweaked: Nerfed the rocket launcher explosion radius and damage
-Fixed: dropped weapon not showing ammo correctly on client when picked up again
-Fixed: singleplayer NPC dialogue close button no longer causes mouse to lose focus
Hotfix 2.2.1
-Removed some legacy code from the soldier enemy
Hotfix 2.2.2
-Added: fail-safes to check if local coop has been selected
-Changed: tweaked anchors on widget to fit 21:9 screens too

Update 2.3
-Fixed projectile spawn while jumping
-Fixed singleplayer NPC multiple dialogue widget glitch
-Fixed character selection always picking the base class
-Fixed score not being updated properly in UE4 4.27

Hotfix for 5.1
-Fixed crouch, existing projects only need to add “released” in the crouch input action

Screenshot from one of my games that I’m working on, using TSS Game Starter Kit as a base.