How to setup Power IK

In this tutorial we will integrate a plugin made by Epic Games called Power IK, with it you can easily align creatures to uneven terrain, or dynamically modify their pose at run-time. Power IK is a robust and efficient solver that produces remarkably natural poses even under extreme circumstances.

1. Download and install to engine the Power IK plugin

2. Create a new FPS Game Starter Kit project

3. Open it and in Plugins make sure it’s enabled

4. Open Project Settings and add a new trace channel, I called it IK_Trace, but you can put any name you want, just set it to ignore everything

5. While there, double click on the BlockAll preset and make sure it blocks the IK_Trace one too

6. Locate the TPS animbp and Legs animbp

7. Let’s start with the TPS animbp, find where the locomotions are

8. Inside the locomotion, you’ll need to add the Power IK Ground node to these two states

This is important, make sure the bone names are correct and it uses the IK_Trace channel

And inside the Unarmed Locomotion add it into the Idle/Walk state after the blendspace

9. Open the Legs animbp and do the exact same thing (open locomotion, add Power IK Ground).

That’s it!