How to integrate VFX Grenade Pack

In this tutorial we will replace the default grenade class with the one from VFX Grenade Pack.

1. Create a new FPS Game Starter Kit project

2. Add VFX Grenade Pack to it

3. Locate and open BP_Grenade (from the VFX Grenade Pack)


4. Re-arrange the array to look like this:

The reason for this is because those should reflect whatever is set in project settings, by default in FPS Game Starter Kit it looks like this:
..but you do not need to make any changes there, just to explain why the rearrangement of the array above (in case you integrated BallisticsFX and this looks different, arrange the array to look like in your project settings).


5. In the same BP_Grenade, find where it does damage and add a self reference and tweak the values (feel free to experiment)


6. Tweak the projectile movement component (also in that same blueprint), this is how I set it up:


7. Open BP_CharacterBase (from FPS Game Starter Kit) and locate the grenade throw logic


8. Inside that graph, at the very end where it spawns the grenade, pick the BP_Grenade class from VFX Grenade Pack


That’s it!