How to make new Weapons

In order to make new weapons, there are several things that you need to consider:

  1. Add 2 sockets to the skeleton of your weapons mesh (Muzzle and AmmoReject)
  2. Make sure the mesh is facing the same direction like the default UE4 weapon

Once that is done, simply create a new weapon child blueprint class or duplicate one of the existing ones. Drag & Drop it into the level, done!

You can watch a short video here:


A long version is also available, in that one I use somewhat broken assets, to show in what kind of situations you can run into and how you would solve the problems.


If your montages don’t work, chances are you set them in the wrong section.
GUN ANIMS: magazine, trigger, other moving parts on the weapon mesh
(just create a montage from those animations and set it there)

ARMS ANIMS: hands in first person character mesh
(create a montage and set the slot to arms)

TPS ANIMS: character mesh while in third person
(create a montage and set the slot to upper-body)

This video shows how to add animation montages to the weapon meshes.


In this video you can see how to create more weapons for the multiplayer mode: