How to add prone

In this tutorial we will add prone functionality to the character, it’s not part of the default unreal movement component, but it can still be added.

  1. Create a new FPS Game Starter Kit project
  2. Open BP_CharacterBase and add a new bool variable to it (call it IsProne, default value is false)
  3. Add branches where you want to prevent conflicts (for example can’t jump while prone, etc.)

4. Create this blueprint anywhere on the character

5. In the WASD movement graph use a select node to make it move slower while in prone

6. In the TPP animbp read the IsProne bool from the character, promote it to variable, in the animation graph add it at the very end, I don’t have crawling animations, so I’m using just a prone pose here, but if you do have them, add a blendspace instead.

7. If you’re using that animation, open it and remove any keyframes it might have

8. For weapon reload montage, add this to weapon child classes

That’s it!