How to add new animations

In this tutorial we will add new animations, specifically firing ones, but also go over some info how they are getting used and where to place custom animations.

First let’s start by creating a new bool variable inside BP_CharacterBase (default value: false), call it Firing (or something along those lines)



After that, open the character states enum and add a new entry inside it for firing.



Once that is done, open the character again and inside the Update Flipbook Animation function there should be a new entry for a new state, there select your new custom flipbook, in this case I chose to add firing because at the same time I can also show how you can expand it into a branched version that considers moving or jumping at the same time while shooting.



Now on to the bool that we created, basically locate the shooting logic and add the bool to it. Keep in mind that the delay will be the amount of seconds that flipbook will be visible.



And last, but not least, locate the movement graph.


And inside it add the logic that switches the character state based on if the bool is true.



That’s it!