How to add more levels

In this tutorial we will add a new custom “My Map” into the template any make it fully playable like the ones that come with the kit.

1. Create a new level and call it MyMap

2. Make sure it has 4 player starts and the game mode set to BP_GameModeBase

3. Open these 2 widgets

3. Click on the map selection and add yours to the array as shown in the picture
NOTE: If your map is called MyMap, you can write here My Map, it will remove spaces automatically so that it doesn’t error out because of the space between words.

4. Add a new entry inside the widget blueprint and set the texture and description of your map

5. Do the same for the network version of the widget, again add it to the array.

And inside the Update Level Image function, add another entry and set the texture, it can be any texture you want.


That’s it!

Your new map is now fully added into the kit.




If your level leads to a next one, you can put the BP_LevelComplete in it and set the name of the next level to load.