How to add vehicles

At this point everyone is probably aware that UE5 has been released to the general public, amongst many changes, vehicles physics have changed from PhysX to Chaos. The whole vehicle situation is as follows: 4.25 uses PhysX, 4.26 uses also PhysX, but the other 4.26-chaos uses chaos vehicles, 4.27 uses PhysX but has Chaos in plugins but it doesn’t seem to work currently, UE5 has Chaos, for PhysX you need to use the source build.. so I just removed the vehicles from the kit and problem solved, if you with to bring back the vehicles, follow this tutorial.

With that said, let’s begin..

1. Create a new FPS Game Starter Kit project (UE 5.0)

2. Go to Edit > Plugins

3. Find and enable Chaos Vehicles, it will warn you that it’s still in beta, click yes and restart the editor

4. Download and extract the temporary chaos vehicle that I made and put it in the level

That’s it!

Progress bars have been changed, so if you’re using an older example vehicle, create a new binding and connect it how it was before.

For example, first add a divide node, then right click on the pins in the divide node and convert to double precision, then connect the floats and into the return node)