How to implement Item Stacking into the Inventory

Occasionally I get asked if it’s possible to replace the Inventory or add item stacking to it, so in this tutorial we will modify it to support stacking. This will be added in a future update by default, but for now this tutorial will have to do.

Not much is required to make it, as the inventory is already there, you only need to change the way the data is being shown to you, not reinvent the whole thing.

1. Open the W_UniversalInvSlotData_UI widget and add a text anywhere to it, the main thing is to make it a variable or else this won’t work

2. Open the W_WeaponInventory_UI widget and in the refresh Universal Item Inventory function at the very end, recreate this

That’s pretty much it, it will now stack up health pickups, you can make this a function or copy paste it into the false path from the branch then check for another class instead of health, a dynamic solution will be added in a future update, for now do it manually like this for each of your pickups you wish to stack up.