How to make new melee weapons

In this tutorial we will make a new melee weapon, it will be the axe from POSTAPO Asset Pack


1.create a child class based on the sword example that comes with FPS Game Starter Kit


2. if your melee weapons are skeletal meshes, then this is it, just change the mesh and tweak the damage and animations


3. but because the one from the pack is not a skeletal mesh, it means we need to export it as fbx and re-import as skeletal, so to do that right click on the axe and export


4. once that is done, re-import it as a skeletal mesh


5. now open the child class and change the meshes, sometimes you need to rotate it to make it fit nicely, so I recommend by starting with only 1 and try to align the grip


6. Once that is done, click on the TPS mesh and change and rotate that too, so that both are aligned


That’s it!