How to fix the “Add to Project”problem

Picture this.. you’re working on a project, so far so good, you buy something from the marketplace, you add it to your project, boom half of it doesn’t work now.. why?

Because during import it overwrote your config ini files!

In the kit those are important for setting up input, collision channels and surface types. In many other assets they are used for some demo character just so he can walk in a pretty forest.. so when you press the “Add to Project” button, it will overwrite the existing ini files.

What to do about it?

I’m afraid not much..

  • Always keep a backup
  • Stop pressing the “Add to Project” button, add it to some irrelevant test project first, then from there migrate it to your actual project
  • Try to restore the ini files using a new created project, as that one will still have them as they are supposed to be


You can download the stock config ini files here and replace them if you need to restore them. For version 1.9 and newer use this one.