How to expand the UE4 Editor using Utility Widgets

In this tutorial we will expand the editor with additional functionality.

Let’s say you work on a project and need to do a certain action often, like deleting .sav files or loading a blueprint, creating child classes, etc. In order to speed things up you can create a special type of widget that’s not used for in-game purposes like HUD or menu, but instead it will be used as a new tab inside the editor.



1. First create a new Editor Utility Widget



2. When you open it, at first glance it’s just like any other widget, but we want this to have like a scroll layout so that all buttons can fit, right click on the Canvas Panel > Replace With > Scroll Box



3. After that add as many buttons as you want and logic that they should do, in this case it will be just one button with a print string




4. Now right click on the Utility Widget Blueprint and click on Run



5. This will make a new window appear and when the button is clicked, we can see that it indeed does the print string




I created a more advanced widget for FPS Game Starter Kit that has some common actions that get performed a lot, you can use it as a reference and even expand it with additional logic. I created this for myself, but decided to share it because it is a very useful tool and speeds things up quite a bit.


1. Download and extract the Accessories Utility Widget Blueprint and run it



2. Drag & drop the window in any corner you like



3. That’s it! New editor tab with some common actions



4. The only thing to be aware of is that Utility Widgets Blueprints are editor extensions, so they have the tendency to invite themselves  into other projects as well, that is in the output log it might say that it attempted to load it but couldn’t find. That is a harmless warning, but there is a fix for that too, close all Utility Widget Blueprint windows and reset the layout