How to integrate ALS

In this tutorial we will integrate ALSv4 in two different way, one is the correct way but takes longer, the other is the crude one but is faster, up to you really which one you prefer.

Also before we begin, one thing I want to make clear:


If you have any questions regarding it, please contact its creator

With that said, let’s begin.

Safe way

I recommend taking individual animations from that that you actually need and implement them. This also works for any animation from the marketplace. Simply right click on it and retarget it to the included UE4 skeleton.

Since I use the UE4 skeleton, you can just click Retarget, no other changes are required and the animation should transfer over correctly

Once that is done, in this case I took the walking one, so I’ll replace the old one inside the blendspace

That’s it!

You can follow the same steps for any animation that you wish to add.

Now onto the other part of the tutorial:

Unsafe way

This one works too, but not recommended, it basically just shoehorns everything in there and hope for the best, may or may not cause a conflict somewhere if things are named the same.

1.First make sure you have the same input in the config files, you need to add everything from the ALS one into the one from FPS game starter kit. Then copy ALS folder into it as well. For the purpose of this tutorial I created such an ini file, so just replace the old one.

Download DefaultInput.ini

2. Open BP_Character base and reparent it to the character from ALS, also make sure to set it to start in TPS and disable camera switching

3. Now that its parent class is changed, you can call these functions and enums from it, also right click on begin play and event tick and call their parent functions as well:

4. Change the character mesh and set it to use the ALS animbp and set the input yaw and pitch to be like they usually are in ALS

5. I couldn’t find a way for ALS to play a montage only for the upper body, so I had to created one like this:

6. Right click on the default TPS reload animation (the one from FPS Game Starter Kit) and retarget it onto the ALS skeleton, then create a montage from it and set it to use the upper body slot created in step 5

7. Should work right away, just click on retarget, and then add a GripPoint socket to the skeleton where the gun should be

8. On the new created animation, right click and create a montage, then set the montage to use the upper body slot that was created in step 5

9. Open any weapon child class and set that new reload montage

10. Repeat and replace these too

11. As for the weapon, you can create a new variable and use it to change the state based on what weapon it is, like this:

12. Meanwhile on the character create this event and call it when you wish to change the state (for example instead of setting it to default like in step 3, but this is up to you)

That’s it!