How to add more multiplayer maps

In this tutorial we will add a new map to the multiplayer mode that will appear on the selection screen.

1. Create a new map, give it any name you want (or import and existing level), add 16 of the replicated player starts on it (8 for blue, 8 for red)
And then in World Settings set the game mode to be one of the Replicated_GameMode’s (TDM, FFA…)


2. Open W_MultiplayerMenu (Content/FPS_Game/Blueprints/Bonus/Replication/System) and add your maps name to the list.

3. Still on the same widget, open the Update Level Image function and add a new entry there too, this will make it change the texture when the map is selected from the list.

4. Open a widget called Replicated_GameEnd (Content/FPS_Game/Blueprints/Replication/FreeForAll) and do the same thing, first add the map name to the selection list, then inside the Update Level Image function. This widget gets shown when the match ends and you choose what map to play next.


That’s it!

The new map has been added and can be selected and played like the example maps.

mp_map_06 mp_map_07