How to add a new key binding option

In this tutorial we will add a new input mapping for a custom ability.

1. In project settings under Input, add your custom entry, in this tutorial I called it ActionSkill

2. Open the character base and add the action events that does your custom logic when pressed

3. Open the W_Settings widget (Content/FPS_Game/Blueprints/GameInstanceWithSettings) and add a new input key selector and a text, here I placed it in the same grid with the other inputs, but feel free to rearrange then in any order you like.

4. once that is done, click on it and at the bottom press On Key Selected, this will create a new event in it’s blueprint graph

5. In the blueprint graph basically connect the Set New Binding function to it, and also add it to the Refresh Keys event

6. Still in the same blueprint, open the Reset Key Bindings function and add a new sequence and copy any of the logic from the others, don’t forget to type in the same string name as it’s set up in project settings.


That’s it!