How to integrate the Amplify LUT Pack

In this tutorial we will make some use of the Amplify LUT Pack that is available on the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace.

Before we begin, first let’s go over some details what it even is.

Essentially, you make a screenshot of your in-game level, load it up in Photoshop (or similar), fine-tune the contrast and stuff, save it as LUT. Then you can load that up in UE4 and have it look exactly like in the edited photo using post processing. For more details, click here.

The Amplify LUT Pack comes with 200+ presets for various “filters” that you can apply. It’s super easy to use.

1. Create a new FPS Game Starter Kit project

2. Add Amplify LUT Pack into it

3. Find the post process volume, enable it in the color grading tab, pick one that you like, voila!