Megascans – Quixel Bridge – Getting Started

In this tutorial we will set up all that is required to get you started with using the huge Megascans library via Quixel Bridge and link it with UE4.


1. Go to the Quixel website and login using your Epic Games account, after that download Bridge



2. Once it’s downloaded and installed, login inside it as well and find any asset or material that you like.



3. Once you find something, click on the download button, for the purpose of this demo I’ll use this Japanese Dog-Lion statue, apparently it’s used to ward off evil spirits, the more you know..



4. After the download completes, it will place it in the location that you can change in Edit > Settings, but what’s important is to set up the plugin correctly. In the export settings you have to pick two folders, one is where the UE4 plugins folder is (this will install it to UE4).



5. Make sure that the plugin is installed correctly, UE4 should get it right away and notify you of the change. If you see the green icon on top, you’re good to go.



6. Back in Bridge, just select where the project is and click export.



That’s it!


You can now browse the entire library and download and export anything, the plugin is installed and ready to use. Have fun!