How to integrate Animated Electric Revolver

In this tutorial we will integrate Animated Electric Revolver into FPS Game Starter Kit, this will be a long tutorial, because there are a lot of animations to prepare.

While this can technically be done in less than a minute, just follow the how to make new weapons tutorial, you can use literally any mesh to be the weapon.

I wanted to show how to integrate entirely custom animations, make them work in sync with the included ones and expand the functionality (press F for spinning trick).

Most of this tutorial is based on the revolver animations, so skip to the end if you only wanna see the last 2 steps for how to make FPS Game Starter Kit play the custom animation based on what weapon is currently equipped.

1. Create a new FPS Game Starter Kit project

2. Add Animated Electric Revolver from into it

3. Add 2 new sockets to the weapon skeleton (Muzzle and AmmoReject)

4. Find the character arms revolver trick montage you want to use and retarget & duplicate

5. (NOT REQUIRED FOR VERSION 2.7 AND ABOVE) Once that is done, open the animation and pause it, put it on the beginning, click on the root bone, rotate it to face the same axis as the default UE4 arms, click on add key, then apply and save (in that order)

6. After that, right click on the animation and create a montage and set it to use the arms slot

7. Repeat the same for the arms reload animation that comes with the revolver.

8. And for the revolver spinning animation as well, minus the arms slot, it doesn’t need that, just create a montage

9. On your weapon child class, add 6 bullet meshes and attach them to the weapon fpp mesh, in this picture I do it only for 2, but you get the idea. What’s important here is the no collision part and only owner see.

10. Create a montage from all 6 firing animations from the revolver pack, because it uses a different one for each bullet

11. Still on the weapon, make it have 6 bullets and do a switch on it to tell it what animation to play (those are the montages for each shot)

12. Still on the weapon create a new event (this is for the spinning revolver trick)

13. Open the character and recreate this anywhere

That’s it!