ShooterGame (Learn Tab) Quick Start

Update: FPS Game Starter Kit now comes with additional network replicated core base classes.


ShooterGame from the Learn tab in the Launcher shows how to set up replication, peer-to-peer connections, LAN support, dedicated server support, anti-cheats, online sub-systems, BOTS, game modes designed specifically for multiplayer.

Replication support in Blueprints is straightforward and is designed to be used in smaller games or for unique one-off Actors. If you need tight control over replication bandwidth or timing you will need to use C++.

With that said, let’s make some modifications to it.


1. Open the Launchers Learn Tab, find and create a ShooterGame project


2. Download VisualStudio (I use the Community Edition, but other versions should work fine too)


3. Find the project you created, right click on it, generate VisualStudio project files


4. Once that is done, open the project and find ShooterCharacter.h and make the following modifications to it, then press the Save All button
Explanation: you are exposing inventory functions to Blueprints, so that you can add weapons and stuff


5. Back in UE4 press the compile button
NOTE: if you don’t see the changes restart the editor.


6. Open the character blueprint and add or remove any starting weapons (player will have these when spawned)


7. To make more weapons duplicate one of the existing ones and fiddle around with ammo capacity, damage, change the mesh, etc.


8. Download and extract (anywhere within the Content folder) the factory BP that I made and place it in the level. You can duplicate it and change the weapon class.
shootergame_addfactoryDownload BP_WeaponFactory_Launcher


9. If done correctly, this should be the end result:


That’s it!

-Download the project and VisualStudio, generate files
-Expose Inventory functions to Blueprints
-Create a BP that adds a weapon on overlap